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We are the host for websites owned by Ron Battiston. At this time due to the huge amount of crime in progress on the internet today we are not offering web hosting to new customers. 

If you require web hosting we caution you to be very careful when picking a host. Today, there are over one billion websites on the internet and there are millions of criminals making a living ripping people off. Even very large companies are selling your information and not being entirely honest with you. Many companies are offering you so called "free services" and you find out that their costs of providing this service are included in the cost of their products. So nothing is really free on the Internet today. 

Every day our websites are faced with criminal activity mainly arriving in e-mail form. If your intention is to start an online business again we caution you to be very careful. Not only are there criminal e-mails being sent but there are also criminal hackers attempting to access your website, e-mails, contacts, passwords etc. This problem is faced by small, medium and large companies. Remember to back up your digital data and keep very important information in analogue paper form in a secure locked file.

Best wishes to all. I hope that our warnings help you deal with today's internet. Business is a cyclical activity and at this time the crime cycle on the internet is massive and is increasing. Governments have not been able to address the problem. They lack the resources and staff with the necessary knowledge to locate and jail on line criminals. We even have killers like ISIS operating online these days.  We have been working online in e-commerce for over 20 years and we have watched as the criminal activity has grown. We have not reached the top of this cycle yet and so we can expect even more problems until our governments do something about it. One problem is that the Internet allows people access from all over the world and so the laws in one country are not affecting the criminals in another.

Our websites are listed on the left side of this page. They are all very unique and entertaining. Our goal is to enlighten and entertain and have some fun too!

If you would like to know more about how business really operates we suggest that you read our book Your Very First Billion. It is available in printed and e-mail form. And if you want to be much safe when you are driving check out our Canadian Winter Drivers Handbook which shows you how to be safe on all roads including our winter roads. If you have or wish to have real estate in Canada then please read our book UnREAL-ESTATE CANADA. It is the only book every written that describes how real estate in Canada really works and how to make the best decisions that will save you money, increase your asset value and make living affordable!